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Welcome we are the pex Plumbing and Radiant Heat experts
Commercial Residential pex pipe, plumbing supplies, Worldwide

Wholesale Pex is a one stop shop for the plumber, builder and home handyman alike.  Supplying builders, mechanical shops and plumbers in the united states and worldwide.

We are a licensed distributor for many pex and plumbing manufacturers.

We can also solve your technical problems by providing system design and  sourcing hard to find parts.

Our support team are on hand to help with technical and supply issues.

Pex Plumbing Supplies Tools Plumbing fittings and nipples

Wholesale Pex Featured Items

Therma PEX Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing

Considerably more flexible than any other PEX tubing meeting ASTM and Withstands higher inside pressures than other PEX Tubing

he PEX Oxygen Barrier PEX Tubing

hePEX Barrier Tubing is PEX-a Tubing with an Oxygen Barrier for Radiant Heat. This PEX tubing is designed for Radiant Heat and Snow Melt Applications.


five layers, inside and outside layers are made of Cross-Linked Polyethylene (PEX) tightly bonded with melt adhesive to the mid-layer of aluminum core which is longitudinally welded in an overlap.


Pex fittings, hardware and much more...

Design Services

We offer mechanical and radiant heat design service.

Pex Tools

We offer quality tools at value prices.  We also rent pex crimp tools!